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Chosen as the 2013-2014 Great Michigan Read

Photo: The Washington Post
Two sisters, born two years apart to immigrant parents, grow up in Depression-era Detroit. One—Beth, my mother—escapes eight years of low-paying jobs and her family’s walk-up apartment by marrying and moving away from the neighborhood that she equates with broken promises and broken lives.

The other sister? She was my mother’s secret.

Annie’s Ghosts is their story, as best as I could unearth it.
If you’ve already read the book, the website offers additional photos, documents and information. If you haven’t, the website will introduce you to a secret potent enough to change lives, even as it remained buried for nearly 60 years. —Steve Luxenberg


Best Books of 2009, The Washington Post
Michigan Notable Book for 2010, awarded by the Library of Michigan
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